Do more with My Docs

It's a new year, and new improvements are on the way at Scribd! We get a lot of feedback about how we can make Scribd easier to use - especially for those with a lot of documents. Now you can easily preview your documents, edit document properties, and get embed codes directly from My Docs. And with QuickEdit, you can easy update the most important document properties without ever leaving the document list!

These buttons appear underneath each entry under My Docs. They are:
  • QuickEdit: edit the most important document properties quickly and easily. Click this button to open the QuickEdit window:
  • Edit: access and edit the complete document properties including media data and permissions.
  • Share: access your document's embed code and URL
  • Preview: take a quick look at your document
  • Delete: remove your document from Scribd (use with caution!)
There are many more feature enhancements on the way, so stay tuned!