Fancy, fun reading features on Scribd

Summer weekends are the perfect time to kick back, down that wine cooler you've been saving since 1987, and read a good book. Books on Scribd are a great way to enjoy a summer read without leaving the air-conditioned comfort of your living room. Whether you buy "Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea" from Simon & Schuster's Scribd storefront or check out new works from best-selling authors like Tamim Ansary, Kemble Scott, and Joe Quirk, here are two tips that will give you an optimal reading experience on Scribd.

  1. Book Mode! Here's what a novel set to book mode looks like. Here's what a book in list mode looks like.  Noticeable difference, eh? FACT: Sometimes authors make Book mode the default display. If they don't, simply select "More" at the top left of our iPaper viewer. Under "View Mode," select "Book Mode."
  2. Full Screen -- If you're not satisfied with the text size of a book you're reading, try Full Screen.  At the top right of our iPaper viewer, press the "Toggle Full Screen" box and read away. Once done with the book, simply hit the "x" and the screen will return to normal size.

Happy reading!