Scribd Launches "Liberate the Written Word" Month -- Chris Anderson's new book "FREE" available (for free and in full) exclusively on Scribd!

Being literate is hot again. To celebrate the digital rebirth (and increased accessibility) of the written word, Scribd is launching a month-long campaign to liberate documents from harddrives, heads, and hard back covers everywhere.

To kick off the campaign, Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson is sharing his headline-grabbing book "FREE" exclusively on Scribd -- in full, for free, and with previously unreleased Wikipedia source citations.

Rate/review Anderson's new book (summary below), set your own documents free by uploading them to Scribd, and stay tuned for exciting Scribd product launches and exclusives throughout July.

Viva the digital revolution!


"FREE" by Chris Anderson:  What if giving away a quarter billion cookbooks returned $1 million in food sales and built a gelatin empire? What if handing out millions of razors made you the next Gillette?

Would you do it?

Chris Anderson would. In his latest book, "FREE," Anderson boldly proclaims that the Internet is driving down the price of content to $0 and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a must-read for Keynesian experts and Econ 101 failures alike.

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