Improving your Scribd reading experience, one document at a time

At Scribd, we're focused on creating the easiest, most fun reading experience online. For two years we've listened to your feedback, pounded Red Bulls, and tinkered away. Today we're excited to announce the first major redesign of Scribd's popular document reader. Key improvements:

Simpler navigation -- Clearer options for reading in dynamic "Book," "Scroll," and "Slideshow" modes, expanding to fullscreen, and downloading a file. You can also manually resize the entire reader in a fun, "Apple-like" way by dragging the bottom right corner.

Better in-document search -- New, pop-up search tracking displays each mention of a particular word or phrase and takes you directly to the relevant passages with a single click. Learn whether a book or article contains a specific topic in mere seconds.

Instantly share your docs on Facebook, Twitter, and embed on other sites -- Share "What you're reading on Scribd" with your Twitter and Facebook friends without losing your bookmark. Quickly embed your favorite documents anywhere across the Web.

For now these updates will affect documents only, but we plan to extend the redesign to Scribd embeds soon.

Let us know what you think! The Scribd Team