Did Plan B fail? Read best-selling author's "Plan Z" for free! (limited time)

On CBS MoneyWatch, best-selling finance author Robert Pagliarini (Six-Day Financial Makeover) recently named Scribd his first "Must-use recession resource." With pocketbooks tightening and jobs lost, more people are looking to get an edge (for free) during the downturn.

Enter Scribd.com -- which CBS MoneyWatch calls "a free Amazon.com" where people can read best-selling books, articles, and research to jump ahead of the curve.

Now Pagliarini is putting his money where his writing is. For a limited time you can read Plan Z for free, as part of July's "Liberate the Written Word" series on Scribd.


Plan Z Summary:

You should always pay off your credit cards and mortgage. False.

Contribute to a 401(k) every month? Nope.

Save for college this year? Absolutely not.

In a normal economy, “financially responsible people” pay attention to 401(k)s and college funds … but normal is so 2007.

Written by #1 bestselling author Robert Pagliarini (Six-Day Financial Makeover), Plan Z is a Scribd exclusive about surviving 2009’s economic recession without falling victim to hidden financial mistakes, filing for Chapter 11, or having your electricity turned off.

Pagliarini took 30 days to write the book, 45 days to appear on the Dr. Phil Show, and 90 days to publish the book exclusively on Scribd (free for a limited time) – so the advice is as timely as it gets.

No one knows how bad our economic situation will become. When fiscal nuclear winter hits, make sure you have a back up for Plan B – have a Plan Z.