Scribd launches social publishing pages

From “The Pickwick Papers” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary” to “Choose Your Own Adventure,” reading and publishing has never been about static text on a page. Today, Scribd is kick starting the next step in the literary evolution and launching interactive social publishing pages – a new forum for instant discovery and sharing what you’re reading, rating, or publishing on Scribd.

With the changes, we hope to create the world's largest reading club where conversations happen, thoughts and ideas are exchanged and reading is no longer a solitary experience -- but one shared in real time with our global community.

New features include:

  • Find people who match your reading interests through our new community page
  • Create and manage personal reading lists
  • Share your thoughts through comments, an updated 5-star rating system, and new “Scribble” box (soon-to-be-synced with Twitter and Facebook).
  • Subscribe to favorite authors or readers and receive notifications the moment they publish new works, rate a document, or Scribble
  • Publish documents directly from your homepage using our new single-click uploader

-The Scribd Team