From Scribd Store to Hardcover Publishing Deal

For most authors, it takes years to publish a book; for bestselling author Kemble Scott, it took six weeks.

In May, Scott made history by becoming the first author to publish a novel through the Scribd Store, a decision that attracted widespread media coverage, reviewer acclaim, and a significant Scribd readership. In June, publisher Yanina Gotsulsky downloaded the entire novel from Scribd, read it, and decided she wanted to publish it. By mid-July, Scott had a contract with Numina Press and the book was on its way to a first printing.

In an industry where most books move from contract to hardback over the course of 1-2 years, "The Sower" once again made history by jumping from the Scribd Store to bookshelves in mere weeks. This publishing speed is particularly fitting if you consider why Scott decided to publish on Scribd in the first place. In addition to the generous 80/20 revenue split, Scribd's real-time revision feature allowed Scott to keep his book current by updating topical references like swine flu and Susan Boyle with the click of a mouse.

"The Sower" hardcover edition is in stores now, and Scott is embarking on a mini-book tour to share his story. If you can't make it to Scott's Bay Area readings, you can still interact with the author through his new Scribd publishing profile.

Whether you buy the $2 Scribd eBook or hardcover version, be sure not to miss the book bestselling author David Henry Sterry described as "The Da Vinci Code as seen through the twisted eyes of John Waters and transcribed by the Marquis de Sade."

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