Social Publishing Takes Another Leap Forward : Scribd Site Redesign

2009 has brought incredible change to Scribd -- Our readership has grown significantly, we’ve signed partnership deals to acquire cool content, launched the Scribd Store, and added a whole set of new social features that forever changed the way people interact with written material online. Now comes our most noticeable improvement to date -- a major site redesign. Over the coming and weeks and months you'll notice a number of changes that will make it easier for you to explore all the great original writings and documents published on Scribd every day.  

To see a preview of the final design and learn more about why we're making these major changes, check out this letter from Scribd CEO, Trip Adler:

[scribd id=24424963 key=key-12r4zcc72kpzyypj9f08]

Happy Holidays to all and thanks for making Scribd the amazing community it is today!