(New!) "Scribd Editor's Pick" on The Huffington Post

There are more than 10 million books and documents on Scribd -- many published by passionate, undiscovered artists and writers who've never been "discovered" but whose work probably outshines many others who have. Since you can't exactly browse through millions of books, Scribd is going to make locating the literary crème de la crème easier. Starting this month, we're launching a regular feature on The Huffington Post called "Scribd Editor's Pick," which will introduce you to some of the rising talent on Scribd.

First up: "The Brave Monkey Pirate," a children's book that's a favorite among author Hayes Roberts' thousands of (grownup) fans on Scribd. With whimsical illustrations and a universal story about overcoming fears, "The Brave Monkey Pirate" is a good book to read to your kids at bedtime or to yourself before a big presentation.:)

Check back every month for more selections from The Huffington Post and Scribd!

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