LearnVest's "Financial Bootcamp for Women" on Scribd

LearnVest, an award-winning personal finance website for women, is publishing columns from their month-long "Financial Makeover Bootcamp" to Scribd. If the following exchange on 30 Rock hits close to home, subscribe to LearnVest's Scribd profile and receive automatic notifications anytime a new column is published:

Jack: "Lemon, where do you invest your money?" Liz: "I have about 12 grand in checking."

Sampling of LearnVest's bootcamp columns so far:

Day 1 -- Get Organized and Get Online

Day 2 -- Remind Yourself to Remember

Day 3 -- Checking vs. Savings ... really know the difference!

Day 4 -- Conquer Your Savings

Day 5 -- Automate Your Savings