Scribd Goes Mobile, Launches new "Send-to-Device" feature for millions of docs

The number of "reading-enabled" devices launching every week is enough to make your head spin. That's why Scribd is making it easy to access content on whatever mobile gadget you have (e-reader or smartphone) with our new "Send to Device" feature.

With a click of a button, you can access Scribd's entertaining and informative content on the fly. There are more than 10M mobile-enabled written works at your fingertips, from research to recipes. You can also send your own docs to your device -- MS Word files, PowerPoints, PDFs -- making your e-reader more useful and your smartphone more like an e-reader.

"Send-to-device" works for free and for-purchase books and chapters from major publishers like O'Reilly Media and Lonely Planet.  Now when you buy or read something on Scribd, try sending it to your mobile device by clicking the "Mobile" button at the top of the document. Here's a list of mobile-ready Scribd docs you can try sending.

For publishers and authors, this means getting written content into the hands of the most consumers possible. There will be millions of e-readers and there are billions of smartphones.  If you're a Scribd uploader and want to make your docs available via "send-to-device," set them DRM-free and enable downloads.

Starting in March, Scribd will also start rolling out a series of mobile applications tailored especially to the Android and iPhone operating systems to provide a richer search, browsing and social experience.
Never before has reading on-the-go been so easy.

-The Scribd Team