Scribd makes reading more social! Try "Readcasting" and new Facebook features

Scribd has always been about making connections around shared reading interests. Today we're launching a new product called Readcast that helps you automatically transmit your Scribd reading activity to your friends across the social web.  You can now instantly "Readcast" to share your thoughts about a presentation and find out what books other people are reading too. So how does it work? Readcast is a customizable feature that lets you instantly share your Scribd reading events -- including scribbles, comments, downloads, and eventually mobile, printing, and purchases -- with your friends across Facebook and Twitter. You choose whether to automatically Readcast all your Scribd activities or do so on an activity-by-activity basis. Here's the Readcast box that appears ten seconds after you've started interacting with a document:

Beyond Readcasting your own reading activities, we also want you to see which Scribd books, research, presentations, illustrations, and other written works your Facebook friends (and similar Facebook users) "like," comment on, and share -- all without ever leaving That's why the Facebook "like" button and Facebook reading activity feed are also now part of the Scribd social reading experience too. Try them out by logging in and visiting any document reading page.

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Reading is better when it's social! -Matt Riley, senior software engineer, and James Yu, senior product engineer