Scribd, News Media and Source Material

Most people know Scribd as the place to publish, read and share documents and books of all kinds. What they probably don't know is that one of the fastest and most popular content categories is actually news. Specifically, it's the source material, special reports and even entire digital issues published by media brands like ReutersThe New York TimesUSA TodayFortuneForbesCNBCChicago TribuneThe Dallas Morning NewsThe Guardian and thousands of magazines and even college papers around the world.

There are over 150 media companies using Scribd to embed lawsuits, court filings, correspondence, reports and other original documents that serve as primary source material for their news stories. Quite often it is the documents themselves that make headlines.

Brian Wingfield at Forbes wrote this story "BP's Hayward in the Hot Seat" and added context to the story by embedding the transcript of Hayward's full Congressional testimony. Boston's NPR station WBUR wrote this story about the recently released FBI files on Ted Kennedy's infamous car crash at Chappaquiddick.

Journalists are using Scribd because Scribd is a site where readers hang out, and because their content (and attribution) gets shared across the entire web (Facebook, Twitter, blogs...) and is easily read on any mobile device. There's very little or no additional production required and content is uploaded and shared in seconds.

We're working hard to make Scribd an even better, easier and more profitable way to distribute media content on the web and mobile platforms. Want to learn more before getting started? Check out the Scribd 101, or sign up for a branded reader for your media company.