The future of reading and publishing is social: Introducing new Scribd home and profile pages

Scribd's goal has always been to create the web's most dynamic reading experience, one that makes it easy to publish and discover written material online. Over the past few years, we've taken several major steps toward making written content more “social” – adding a feed, integrating with Facebook and Twitter, converting documents into pages that are easier to share through HTML5. Today, we're launching another major site flow re-design that makes it easier for people connect through common reading interests (e.g., college football history, comic books, scientific papers) by turning your Scribd reading feed into a personalized content recommendation engine. (Read FAQ for highlights.)

  • Discover and join conversations instantly. Interact with content faster. Re-readcast directly from your Reading Activity feed and see who’s already readcast a book with our new readcast facepiles next to all documents.
  • Books, magazines, documents remain central focus. Document thumbnails are larger and your feed is more targeted with your friends' activity (publishing, commenting, readcasting) taking center stage.
  • New "Shelf" Tab visually organizes reading and publishing events. Everyone now has a unique profile tab that presents their uploads, readcasts, collections, and purchases as "virtual shelves."

For more background, below is a letter from Scribd's co-founder and CEO, Trip Adler.

-Matt Riley, Director of Product, recently read “Top Five Rivalries in College Football"

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