The Scribd Archive

A few weeks ago we launched a program called the Scribd Archive to encourage readers to contribute to the Scribd community. They could do this by uploading their own documents in order to download older documents in the Archive or pay a small fee. This does not restrict the ability to read and share content on Scribd. Here are some important points to know about the Scribd Archive:

  • Clear opt-out -- anyone uploading to the site will be informed about The Archive and can easily opt-out of the program here; we will also post clear information about The Archive on your "My Docs" profile page.
  • Proactive messaging -- you'll be notified when your documents are ready for the Archive and again given the opportunity to opt-out of the program; we will also prominently let readers know that if they want to download for free, they can simply join the community and upload a document.
  • Community advisory board -- we've established a Scribd User Advisory Board (SUAB) to help ensure that we incorporate community feedback on upcoming Scribd products.

Our goal is to bring readers and creators of content together using the inherent efficiencies of the Internet and other technologies. We're constantly learning new ways to do this better. If you have questions/concerns about The Scribd Archive or other Scribd products, please email me directly at

--Trip, CEO and Co-founder