Lit Crawl 2010 and Scribd: Where the World Comes to Read

Last Saturday, Scribd hosted the first ever "Where the World Comes to Read" event during the Official 2010 Lit Crawl. Many of Scribd's most prolific writers ventured into San Francisco's Mission District to participate in the event, reading aloud excerpts from their books, blogs, and memoirs, as well as sharing personal accounts of how their lives have changed since joining Scribd.

Helen Winslow Black, Inez Peru, John Wolpert, Laura Novak, Richard W. Humphries, Sunny Lockwood, Ali Van Zee, Hyla Molander

Former New York Times and ABC News reporter Laura Novak explained how she's gone from "e-mail only" to "e-marketing Finding Clarity" in just two years. Helen Winslow Black flew in from Portland to share another passage about her brilliant journey through life and motherhood. Inez Peru kept everyone rolling with tales from her adventures.
Richard Humphries, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, escaped into his memoir about prison life told from a former stockbroker's point of view. John Wolpert shared how his love of theater and ballet as a child led him to write his latest book. And a surprise reading by Hyla Molander had people blushing at the mention of pregnancy sex until she revealed that the story tragically took place just nine hours before her 29-year-old husband died.

Other Scribd writers, Luddite and AliKat came out to support and share their own stories about finding connection through Scribd's writing community.

The evening reminded everyone of how fun reading in coffee shops can be and how far each person has journeyed already.