Scribd and Apture: Making every word an adventure

You know when you’re reading online and you see a word you want to learn more about? Like me, you probably open a new browser tab and look it up on Wikipedia or In the process you somehow lose your original page altogether. Say goodbye to all that chaos. Today, Scribd is launching a new feature called Apture Highlights, which lets you highlight any of the billion-plus words in our library of millions of HTML5 documents to “learn more” without ever leaving the page you’re on. “Learn more” results include Wikipedia entries, LinkedIn profiles, interactive Google maps, YouTube videos, image slideshows, related Scribd documents and much more.

You can dig deep into the various information sources, making each word an information adventure -- an adventure that never leaves you stranded or lost since you’ll remain on the original document page the entire time.

Try the new feature on Kemble Scott’s book “The Sower 2.0” which includes suggested “learn more” terms by the author himself. You can also watch our demo video below to see Apture Highlights in action!

--Deema Tamimi, Director of Product Marketing (currently reading “The Sower 2.0” )