Academy Award-nominated comedienne Fannie Flagg Reads For A Cause

“From the time I was 6 years old I longed to be a writer, always wanted to be a writer.” Fannie Flagg, featured reader Last year we launched Read For A Cause, a program which aims to leverage the popularity of social networking and influential individuals to combat illiteracy. Curators Deepak Chopra, Justin Halpern (Sh*t My Dad Says), and celebrity chef Eric Ripert have already shared what they read, making it clear that even celebrities' lives influence their reading choices.  Our newest Read For A Cause curator, American writer/comedienne Fannie Flagg, is no exception.

Best known for her regular Match Game appearances during the 1960s and Academy Award-nominated screenplay adaptation of Fried Green Tomatoes, Fannie Flagg's Read For A Cause collection is almost as diverse as her career. Flagg's favorites range from a modern murder mystery to John Steinbeck’s famous 1960s travelogue about a final journey around the United States with his dog to “Crazy in Alabama,” a humor-filled analysis of the Southern life that Flagg knew so well.

As a lifelong writer who humorously tackled controversial themes in her books, Flagg understands how the written word can sometimes express that which we cannot.

-Kathleen Fitzgerald, Senior Marketing Manager (currently reading “Screenwriting for Dummies”)