Jonathan Maberry Reads For A Cause

Scribd’s latest Read For A Cause curator, Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry is plain cool. In the past ten years, Maberry has been inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame (he has an 8th degree black belt in Shinowara-ryu Jujutsu), had his work adapted into a television pilot for ABC Television and his Patient Zero trilogy optioned by Sony, and ventured into young adult thrillers with his latest novel, Rot & Ruin. Most impressive, however, is how this bestselling author spends his downtime teaching and mentoring other writers. Most authors who have been in the game for more than three decades start taking more “me time,” but Maberry’s approach to reading won’t allow that:

"I grew up in an environment of poverty, prejudice and ignorance.  It was through reading that I learned that the world is so very much bigger and better than that."

Maberry’s thriller novels tend to have a large, otherworldly yet ultimately hopeful tones so it’s no great surprise that he is optimistic about joining forces with other authors and influencers to Read For A Cause. When asked why he was participating in this movement, Maberry revealed a bit of his grand design for life:

"Imagination is the gear of the possible; reading is the lubricant.  When we read, all things become possible and the wheel of WHAT IF? turns and turns."

-Kathleen Fitzgerald, Senior Marketing Manager (currently reading “Hope” by Emily Dickinson)