July 2011 Community Project: Recipes!

Summer is here. There is fresh produce to be had and everyone is trying to find that great summer recipe. So let’s use Scribd to share them! During the month of July, upload your own recipe to Scribd and add it to the July Community Project Collection. The only rule is that you upload your recipe. You can’t copy it out of a book or ask your neighbor for their favorite dish. Family recipes, recipes that have been altered by you and your own variation of popular dishes are fair game. This month, instead of the Scribd Staff picking their favorite, we’re going to leave it up the community. The Scribd favorite, whose author will receive a Scribd t-shirt, will be the document with a balance of the most reads and readcasts, highest star rating, as well as the most positive comments. Make sure to format your uploads well and make them look pretty. You never whose recipe binder you’ll end up in!

Time to fire up your BBQs, start chopping the salads and dusting off those ice cream makers!

Mariko Fritz-Krockow, Community and Content Manager Looking forward to making “Tuna Noodle Salad