The Art Of The Pivot

How exactly did Scribd CEO Trip Adler master the art of the pivot to found Scribd? Fast Company features Adler and the story of the various iterations and ideas that led to Scribd, from a ride-sharing service, to 'Craigslist-for-colleges.'

The article was featured as part of Fast Company's series, 'The Pivot' which takes a look at destiny-altering decisions and luminaries in today's biggest and brightest technology companies. In the world of startups, the speed of decisions and process moves at a staggering pace. Change, quick decision-making and pivots can effectively lead to innovation and subsequently, success.

Adler's presentation, "How to Come Up With Good Ideas for Startups," documents (on Scribd, of course) the many ideas that were formulated in the early years.

As part of Fast Company's article is a short video package interview interviewing Trip and additional filming completed this week in the office will be a part of a project by filmmaker Ondi Timoner.