Making Headlines At Scribd

As the week comes to a close, we take a look at some of the documents on Scribd that got our attention. From the London Olympics to the ongoing Apple patent trial, these are the publications making headlines on Scribd. Seven Minutes Of Terror

Advantage, Apple?

Lighthouses 'Rock'

National S'more Day

London Olympics - As the Olympics come to a close, we remind you to continue to catch up on all the Scribd documents and publications about the games on our special Olympics landing page.

And finally, the majority of us never had an opportunity to catch a single event of the Olympics in person. We leave you with this fantastic video (hat tip, Gawker, Reddit) of a London photographer who surprises his father with tickets on the closing week to catch the handball final. We cannot embed the video directly, so click the two links to view it -- the perfect end, to another fascinating week of news, sports and more.