Reading Feed Improved

In the past few weeks, Scribd has made many improvements to the design and function of our homepage. Featuring and surfacing content is an important part of helping our users discover documents from our library containing millions of publications. We understand that some of our users prefer the layout of their reading feed as a primary resource to connect and engage with their community, comment on documents, readcast, and discover the shared content of their followers.

Today, we are rolling out an update to "My Reading Feed" allowing users the ability to prominently display the previous feed layout whenever they choose.

To update your feed view, simply click on “My Reading Feed” as displayed in the screenshot below:

To return to the homepage at any point, click “Home” on the left side of your screen. You can always access your "My Reading Feed" directly front and center.

The updated layout of the feed also includes the following features:

* Easily share content from your feed using the widget below the document. * Once you click ‘Share’ you can readcast or tweet the document. * Delete and remove content from your feed by clicking on the ‘X’ icon above the document. * Easily track followers, collections and documents.