Scribd On Bloomberg TV

Trip Adler, CEO of Scribd, recently joined Jon Erlichman of Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." Adler provided an update on the company amidst a rapidly shifting publishing marketplace. The key takeaway - Scribd is growing and profitable.

"We are now doing about 110 million monthly users, and we're now at about 25 million documents in our library," Adler said. "The real value we provide is the content we have, uploaded by individuals like authors, students, media companies, large corporations."

Out of the success of the site, some users are finding reliable opportunity selling their own documents. A strong stable of authors and writers have discovered new ways to publish their material and connect with audiences.

"Biggest value we provide," Adler said, "is generating eyeballs and distribution for publishers. It's a great way to get their content out in front of their users in a new way. It's a way to access new audiences."

There are a variety of players in the online publishing space, but so far it is early days. Humans have been broadcasting and publishing material for centuries, on cave walls and printing presses. But, the advent of mobile technology has been so recent that the opportunities for publishers is still evolving.

"Going forward, we see commerce as the biggest opportunity for both publishers and individuals to help distribute and monetize content," said Adler.

The coverage comes on the heel of a busy week -- on Monday Scribd was featured in a TechCrunch post that highlighted recent developments with design updates on the homepage, new logo, and our recently released iPhone application.