Revamped Readcast

Sharing what you read on Scribd just became a whole lot easier. This week we gave a new polished look and feel to "Readcast" - Scribd’s very own way to allow you to broadcast the interesting documents you publish and read to your Scribd network.

One aspect of the revamp is the tighter integration with our new branding. The Readcast button that appears over each document now sports a slick-looking icon. Scribd users now see the icon on each item of their Reading Feed to make it easier to share that content with their followers on Scribd.

From a usability standpoint, the new Readcast function simplifies the process significantly. Documents can now be ‘Readcasted’ within Scribd with just a single click. Users looking to explicitly share content on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, now separately have that option.

As part of this upgrade, we also integrated “Readcast what you read,” which allows our users to effortlessly share within Scribd and onto Facebook, with the Readcast button.

More on How It Works

Check out our new ‘Readcast’ button on the document page, next to our bank of social sharing buttons in the upper-right corner of the screen.

A single click shares the publication to your Reading Feed automatically. Next, leave a comment. Your comment will be available for future viewing at the end of the document.

Next, check out Readcast on the Reading Feed. A single click is all that is needed to ‘Readcast’ this document to your Scribd Reading Feed.

We hope you enjoy! And as always, your feedback is always appreciated.

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