In The News: Ticker Tape Giants & Sandy's Aftermath

Scribd HQ is located just a few blocks south of Market Street, the eponymous dividing line that bisects the commercial heart of San Francisco. Today, a 1.8-mile route along Market was the scene of a parade celebrating and honoring the San Francisco Giants baseball team's World Series championship.

A Giant Ticker Tape Parade

Crowds estimated at close to a million lined the route from beneath the shadows of the iconic Ferry Building to the destination at Civic Center Plaza and San Francisco City Hall, where the team joined with celebrities, local figures and politicians. Twenty cannons along the route shot confetti into the air, which made us wonder when exactly the whole concept of the ticker tape parade began. While images of ticker tape floating through the air have been popularized by sporting events, historically we remember them showering returning soldiers from World War II. The very first ticker tape parade actually began spontaneously on October 28, 1886 to celebrate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty and New York has seen thousands of tons of confetti raining down on its streets since.

Coincidentally, the parade for the Giants synched with a highly celebrated holiday in the City by the Bay. The streets, awash in a sea of orange and black, because fans suddenly were faced with the opportunity to don the ghoulish colors and honor two major San Francisco milestones at once. Costumes seemed to be keeping pace with Buster Posey jerseys and newly-minted 2012 championship gear. As the waning hours of daylight lead into a night of fun, you can find inspiration in decorating or pumpkin carving or perhaps get some joy out of these beautiful vintage Halloween postcards.

Sandy's Aftermath

While the scenes of celebration in San Francisco captivated the Bay Area, more serious news was still coming out of the East Coast, primarily the staggering destruction in New Jersey and the widespread flooding due to record-setting 14-foot storm surge in New York City. There have been a variety of civic groups, governmental organizations and municipalities like Ocean City, Maryland, utilizing Scribd as a tool to deliver news, updates and evacuation orders. This is very encouraging to see during trying times.

Scribd has also been a resource for people to access files and updates uploaded by other users. Tomorrow morning, the New York City subway system will resume limited operations despite suffering significant and staggering flooding stemming from Hurricane / 'superstorm' Sandy. Here is a map of the limited routes and lines to reference for the commute.

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Predicting The Unpredictable

Read the full 2011 report that modeled the impact of a 100-year storm on New York City's subway infrastructure. The widespread flooding and the nasty combination of Sandy was a weather-trifecta that may cripple the subway system for several weeks to a month, with residual effects being felt for years - first reported in a column by The Atlantic Cities reporter, Eric Jaffe. The report details all sorts of unthinkable scenarios with regards to flooding and devastation on the vast subway system that have somehow become a real life worst case scenario.

NBA Season Begins

The National Basketball League season officially tipped off last night, but there is plenty of time to participate in a cram session master class with provocateur, The Sports Guy. His gold standard compendium of basketball knowledge is the perfect reading to lead into the NBA season whether you cheer the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics like Bill Simmons.

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