The 2012 Election On Scribd

After more than two years of campaigning, incessant radio and television advertisements, polling, and debates, the sun is finally setting on the 2012 election cycle. The polls on the East Coast are thirty minutes shy of closing. Depending on how Virginia and Florida fall, this could be a very close race playing out in key battleground states like Ohio, Wisconsin and Colorado. The majority of the West Coast is safely in control for Obama, so the true closeness of this race should be known shortly. Any technical glitches or close-calls that warrant legal action could parlay into a final decision being finalized in mid-November. Keep track of a nice, handy and fluid-updating list of returns here. While the results begin to trickle in, let's take a look at some of the key coverage and documents that have shaped the election over the past few weeks and months on Scribd.

Visualizing The Election

This effort combining data journalism and design is one of the better examples of an infographic that answers a lot of electoral questions, while still drawing us with an inspiring aesthetic. The work was completed by Simon Rogers of the Guardian.

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Poll Position

With record turnout forecast for many states, the story of long lines at polling locations was expected. Nobody planned for the disastrous consequences that Hurricane Sandy would cause to this election, especially across the Eastern Seaboard and in places like New York and New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie, a devout Scribd user, has been using our social publishing tool as a way to keep his constituents informed on the progress of storm cleanup and power restoration. Other governmental organizations have utilized Scribd to provide updates on polling locations closed or impacted by Sandy.

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Where To Poll?

A comprehensive list of every United States poll closing time. Be sure to know when your polling location closes to ensure you get out the vote!

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This list provides every piece of contact information across the entire 50 states ranging from websites, contact phone numbers, and Facebook and Twitter links. List compiled with permission from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

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History Becomes Us

It's difficult to appreciate the importance of tonight's election without looking back on the ones that have preceded it. The National Archives Prologue Magazine has done a fantastic job uploading some unbelievable historical documents, publications and images that take you on a journey of election-past. Take a look at their collection of important documents that have shaped the course of voting history. Click on the photo to see the collection.

The Last Whistle Stop

The National Archives also curated an enormous list of photos that document famous campaign whistle stops from Nixon to Clinton. Click on the photo to see the entire collection.