Bringing You Effortless Sharing With Auto-Readcast

We’re happy to announce Scribd’s integration with Facebook Open Graph, which allows you to automatically share or ‘Auto-Readcast’ to Facebook documents you read on Scribd. What To Expect:

Before, frictionless sharing to Facebook wasn’t ideal because events would be published to all your friends’ news feeds. The result was, put bluntly, spam. Facebook now publishes these events in the Ticker on the top right of your profile without overwhelming Timeline or being intrusive to your friends’ news feed. Some events may be published to the feed or friends’ feeds.

Facebook Timeline makes special provisions for events that are shared via Open Graph. Instead of showing each shared item individually, Facebook groups all similar shared items and lists them as a single event.

Because frictionless sharing is not for everyone (or for everyone all the time), we have designed this feature to give you maximum control of what you share:

1. On your next visit to Scribd the first thing you’ll see is a large prompt that explains to you what Auto-Readcasting is all about and gives you the option to start using the feature. Click “Ok, Share!” to try this feature. Not doing anything will keep your settings as they are today.

2. If you do decide to try “Auto-Readcasting,” Scribd gives you controls so that you don’t find yourself automatically sharing something you didn’t really want to share. Each time you view a document, you’ll see a prompt on the top-right corner below the 'Readcast' button that shows you the Auto-Readcasting state for that document. You can keep from sharing any document by simply clicking ‘Cancel, I do not want to Readcast this‘ inside the prompt.

3. So you tried out “Auto-Readcasting” and decided it’s not for you? No problem. Simply visit your Sharing Settings under ‘Account’ and un-select Auto-Readcasting under Scribd, Facebook, or both.

We hope this helps and you give it a whirl.

You see, for far too long, reading has been mainly a solitary activity. Scribd is attempting to change that by helping readers discover and share quality, engaging content as effortlessly as possible. We believe Facebook continues to work on features to make this goal truly valuable and enticing to Scribd readers. They too provide tools to manage what is visible or isn’t visible to your friends on Facebook, and to adjust your global privacy settings (read this Mashable article or personally adjust the settings within Facebook). Learn more about how Open Graph by reading this Facebook summary on Scribd:

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