Newfound Acceptance

F. Scott Fitzgerald originally submitted a short story to The New Yorker in 1936 that was eventually rejected. The editorial staff found the story to be "altogether out of the question," adding, "It seems to us so curious and so unlike the kind of thing we associate with him." The rejected story was filed away and long but forgotten. Recently, Fitzgerald's grandchildren discovered the story among his papers and after some encouragement from the Fitzgerald scholar, James West, the story was submitted once again.

Eighty years later The New Yorker accepted the story and published "Thank You For the Light" about a widow who enjoys smoking and travels around the Midwest selling corsets and girdles for a company in Chicago. It is a marked departure from his other classic works, and mirrors a style of his contemporary, Ernest Hemingway. Read and purchase this historical one-page shorty story now available as an eBook from Scribner Books below.

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