Introducing: My Content

Yesterday evening we told you about the introduction of our new Profile pages. Today, we want to walk you through 'My Content" which provides publishers and users a place to manage all of their published documents, collections, readcasts, and saved documents. Previously, this page was known as ‘My Shelf’ which we have deprecated to simplify how users access their content and remove redundant navigation. To access your ‘My Content’ and start interacting with your publications, simply click on the following link after you are authenticated on Scribd.

My Content is the nucleus of all the collections and documents a user has published, purchased, saved, and readcast across our community. Within each type of content listing, users can further edit, delete, feature, and save publications.

The 'My Content' layout includes easily navigable menus that contain your documents and publications.

There are built-in controls to create, edit and manage your documents. Content can be sorted by a variety of variables such as date published, title or number of reads.

Controls allow you to edit, save, add to collection, make private, feature and delete your content.

We have also surfaced some actions previously visible under 'Edit Document' and 'Collection,' such as privacy settings that allow you to make any of your content public or private, which can be locked from My Content.

As a note, premium publishers profiles currently support ‘My Content.’

Start exploring, featuring and displaying your content! As always, let us know what you think of these updates and stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for further updates.

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