The 2013 State of the World's Children UNICEF Report


See the child before the disability. That is the request of UNICEF's flagship report - The State of the World's Children, released this morning on Scribd.

The cover of the 2013 Children With Disabilities Report

The 2013 report focuses on children with disabilities, the most marginalized in the world, and aims to focus on helping them lead meaningful lives free of stigma and discrimination.

"They have dreams, they have the drive to fulfill those abilities, and given a fair chance, they contribute to the vitality of their families and their communities," said Abid Aslam, Editor of this year's report.

The report challenges political motivation to ratify International treaties and make a commitment that support and services are intended to help these children succeed and thrive. Globally, one-third of the world's nations have failed to do so.

Not only does giving these children a fair chance help them individually, but it also helps further familial and society as a whole.

"When you see the disability before the child, it is not only wrong for the child, but it deprives society of all that child has to offer," said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “Their loss is society's loss; their gain is society's gain.”

You can read the entire report on Scribd here - or read the embedded version, below. Please feel free to share this report with your social communities and friends.

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