Buzz Aldrin: Astronaut, American Hero & Sci-Fi Author


Nineteen minutes after Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface, Buzz Aldrin emerged. The year was 1969.

Photograph of Astronaut Edwin "Buzz" E. Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module Pilot, during Apollo 11 Extra-vehicular Activity on the Moon, 07/20/1969. [Photo Source: Prologue Magazine Scribd Profile]

Armstrong cemented himself as an American hero for being the first to plant his shoes onto the Moon because he was positioned closer to the exit while Aldrin piloted the lunar module. Aldrin joined him shortly after and actually shattered the record for longest time outside of a space vehicle known as, extra-vehicular activity.

After Aldrin and Armstrong broke history, Aldrin retired from the NASA program two years later, but always reflective of the things he had seen in space.

Aldrin had built up an immense base of knowledge ranging from the hours of training, flight and eventual space exploration. In 1996, he joined forces with Nebula and Hugo Award—nominated, John Barnes, to author a science fiction novel.

Encounter with Tiber uses Aldrin's real life adventures and experiences to craft the captivating and gripping story of life beyond Earth.

Aldrin has long been fascinated with science fiction. "We knew how to get to the Moon and back. And we had a pretty good idea how to get to Mars and back. But we sure didn't have any idea how to go from one star to another, except by reading science fiction," says Buzz Aldrin.

This week, Open Road Media has published the ebook on Scribd.

Join Aldrin as he talks about the book's inspiration as well as why he loves science fiction. Below the clip, read and purchase your own copy of Encounter with Tiber. You can also follow Buzz Aldrin's profile on Scribd!

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