I finished this amazing book. Now what?

We believe that when you read an amazing book, the story envelopes you. A great book can be an addiction - a clawing desire to get back to the story that permeates your day. You find yourself taking out your phone at the bus stop and loading up an app so you can read just one more page. And as the book starts coming to an end, you count the pages you have left, and you wish it would last just a bit longer. And then in one flame of glory it's gone. Finished. Over. But your hunger isn't satisfied. You want more.
That's why we built collections. So that you can pull together and find collections of related works. Essays on the author. Short stories, fan fiction, comics, critiques, art, and more. We recently created a collection in just such a moment.
Since the Ender's Game movie is coming out next month, I thought it was about time I finally read the books. The book flew by all but too quickly. So I decided to see what the Scribd community had shared surrounding the book and created this collection.
Fortunately in this case, there's also an entire Ender's series and Shadow series that I can read next. That's probably how I'll be spending my weekend. How about you?