DIY Books and Gifts for the Holidays

December. The holiday season. The season of giving. But sometimes, giving can turn into a full time job, and finding a heartfelt (and affordable) present to give to your loved ones can be nearly impossible. This holiday season, don’t make yourself sick over giving the perfect gift—give a sick gift by giving something you make yourself! We’ve got hundreds of DIY books available on Scribd, and our Editorial Staff has found a few real gems to get those creative juices flowing. Happy crafting!

hooked on crochet

Remember crochet, knitting’s easier-to-learn cousin you might have been taught in grade school? With Hooked on Crochet: 20 Sassy Projects by Candi Jensen, you’re sure to pick it back up in no time!

the soapmaker's companion

Sure—everyone’s go-to gift is lovely smelling soaps and bath products. But not everyone gives handmade, homemade beauty products! Full of formulas for soaps, oils, mudds, and more, the Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch will make you a star  gift-giver this season—not to mention entertain you all weekend long.

Fair Isle Basics and Beyond

Are you the kind of person that loves knitting so much that you can’t put your needles down when you watch TV, when you’re on the bus, or when it’s time to go to sleep? Then Fair Isle Basics and Beyond is the perfect guide to your holiday DIY. Pick one of on their projects to try, or just use the book as a source of inspiration.

wild fermentation

If your ideal weekend is spent getting crafty in the kitchen, then let Wild Fermentation by Sandor Elix Katz be your guide. This book is filled with fun tips, tricks, and recipes for everything fermented—from sauerkraut to sour cream, and everything in between (including chocolate) this DIY books will make your presents the best—and most delicious—under the tree.

Did we miss your favorite kind of DIY project? We’ve got a whole “All Things DIY” collection for you to browse before rolling up your sleeves this weekend. And remember the best part about homemade gifts: even if it isn’t perfect, it still comes straight from the heart.