How to Start 2014 Off Right: Scribd Suggests New Years Resolutions

Welcome to January, hands-down the best month to start afresh. It’s a new year—time to start over, start something new, start making your life a little better. Everyone has a New Year’s resolution or few. The real question is: can you keep it? Whether or not you’ve already made a dozen goals for yourself in the new year, or still have yet to figure out just what you resolve to do, we’ve got a few suggestions up our sleeves. Add ‘em to your list of stuff to work on, or make one of them your ultimate 2014 objective. Keeping these resolutions is going to be the fun part.

Resolution #1: Learn yoga.

608 yoga poses

In this landmark overview of yoga asana, internationally renowned yoga teacher Dharma Mittra illustrates nearly 1,000 yoga postures. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this book offers expert instruction and insight into the yoga practice while building on basic yoga poses.

Resolution #2: Improve your writing.

elements of a story

Take your journaling habit to the next level with New York Times editor Francis Flaherty’s entertaining and wise writer’s manual. Flaherty spares you the grammar lesson and focuses on the big picture of story design, with practical advice that benefits non-fiction and fiction writers alike.

Resolution #3: Ride your bike more (or learn to ride one if you don't know how).

ride a bike

Whether you want to substitute your commute from car or bus to bicycle, or just start riding more for pleasure, this humorous and entertaining guide gives you everything you need to start riding again.

Resolution #4: Be more honest.

the art of confession

You know that saying "honesty is the best policy"? Well, it's true. It really is. Improve your relationships with a deeper brand of honesty than the TMI confessional social media updates with this fascinating, secular look at the social and psychological origins of the practice of confession.

If none of these ideas seem to be the right resolution for you, that's ok - you could always just resolve to read more.