Scribd Authors: "Story Time From Space"

Meet Jeffrey Bennett. Bennett teaches astronomy, physics, and mathematics at the college level, has worked for NASA, and holds a PhD in astrophysics. He also writes books for children. And not just any kids' books - his series "Science Adventures with Max the Dog" is out of this world! maxdog in jupiter

Really, though. Bennett's storybooks about Max's space adventures are currently traveling through space on a commercial cargo-craft on their way to the International Space Station. Once they arrive, ISS astronauts will record themselves reading the stories for children back on Earth, launching a new educational program called "Story Time From Space."

max dog space station

The books still won't arrive at the ISS for a couple days, but in the meantime, you can find the full collection of stories about Max the dog in space on Scribd.

One small step for Max, one giant leap for readers everywhere!

max in mars