Sci-Fi and How-To's and Pop Culture, Oh My: Newly Added Scribd Publishers

We know that not all readers are the same. Some readers love romance, and some crave political crime thrillers like a cup of coffee. Some want to improve  themselves, and others want to learn as much as they can about their favorite band. Some readers are still searching for a genre to call their own, tasting a bit here and there. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our library: we want readers to have as many different options as possible.

This week, we’ve added a few new publishers—Prime Books, ECW, and Atlantic Publishing—to Scribd. Their selections are pretty sizable, so we’ve included some of their most popular titles below. Happy reading!


Prime Books

Prime Books is an independent publishing house focused on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and cross-genre fiction. They offer dozens of award-winning novels and supernatural-themed anthologies, like The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy. If you’re looking for a book that will transport you into another world, look no further.  Some of their top titles are New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, a collection of Lovecraft-esq fiction edited by Paula Guran, and the robot-themed series, The Ware Tetralogy, by Philip K. Dick Award winner Rudy Rucker.

bartenders handbook

Atlantic Publishing

For more than 25 years, Atlantic Publishing has specialized in the practical side of things; their collection is chock full of how-to’s, guides to new habits and hobbies, and handbooks on meant to make your life more rewarding. Popular Atlantic books range from sensible (The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers and College Student) to DIY (The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home) to delicious (The Professional Bartender’s Handbook).

taylor swift

ECW Press

ECW isn’t exactly a new publisher—they used to be a part of IPG and are now breaking off on their own. They boast a pretty wide variety of books, but some of their most popular books can be tied to pop-culture, such as Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good: Larry David and the Making of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm and Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition by Liv Spencer. Other top titles include That’s the Cookie Crumbles, a collection of essays that cover the crazy chemistry of every day life, and Neil Peart’s Ghost Rider, a journal-like account of his 14-month journey around North America on the path of self-discovery.