Scribd Selects: Popular on E-Readers

Earlier this week, we announced the release of our new Scribd reading app for the Kindle Fire, available to download here. The response from our readers has been overwhelmingly positive, so we've decided to keep the party going by curating a collection of books that are popular on e-readers! This selection includes titles from authors that are buzzing in the Kindle and iBook stores like Bernard Cornwell and Joyce Carol Oates. We hope all our readers - yes, even our non-tablet readers - love and devour each and every one!

a season in hell

In the mood for a book you can't put down, even at the scariest most high-tension moments? Jack Higgins' classic thriller, A Season in Hell, is part Wall Street savvy, part British secret agent, and moves so quickly you might feel like you're in a spy movie.

Labor Day

While you've probably seen the previews captivating trailers with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet, what you may not know is that Labor Day is actually based on a wildly popular novel by Joyce Maynard. Don't be surprised if you finnish this heartwarming, sexy, nostalgic story by Monday!

writing places

In 1946, William Zinsser began his writing and teaching career at the New York Herald Tribune. Some 65 years later, and what does he have to show for it? A wildly-entertaining life story that includes a cast of characters too rich to make up. Writing Places isn't just a memoir - it's the story of one man's journey in and around the writing world.

lost and found

Are you an animal lover? If the answer is yes, get ready to laugh, maybe cry, and definitely love Lost and Found. In true Jaqueline Sheehan fashion, this novel is a love story - about a woman and a dog that transforms her life.

All the books in this collection are true gems - not to mention page turners! With titles like these on your reading list, you'll be ready for your next good read in no time.