The Olympics Collection: Novels That Can Really Compete

For more than a century, the modern Olympic Games have been considered to be the ultimate events in olympic competition. This multi-sport extravaganza is held every two years, alternating between summer and winter. This year, the XXII Winter Games are being held in Sochi, Russia - and the opening ceremonies are today!

If watching thousands of Olympic athletes march around patriotically during the torch lighting is giving you olympic fever, you might want to check out this new collection of novels; all of them involve an Olympic setting, and are sure to sate your appetite until Sean White's next event.

running the rift

Running the Rift: A Novel

Naomi Benaron's prize-winning novel follows Jean Patrick Nkuba, a naturally gifted athlete in Rwanda who dreams of winning an Olympic medal. The story of how far one man is willing to go for his dreams in the face of terrible civil unrest is simply unforgettable.

flying changes

Flying Changes

From the author of Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen, comes a novel about an anxious mother, her Olympic-bound equestrian daughter, and the horse farm that holds them together. If you've ever had a love for animals - especially horses - then this is the right read for you.

peril is my pay

Peril Is My Pay

What happens when a pair of Olympic athletes in love go missing before the torch is even lit? Set in Rome, this suspenseful mystery novel by Stephen Marlowe provides a detective story so thrilling it deserves a gold medal.


Sudden Exposure

Set in Scribd's very own backyard, this story is a humorous, yet deadly look at what happens when an Olympic diver suddenly finds her life in danger. With a cast of characters that includes nudists, the Berkley police, and a murderous gym owners, Susan Dunlap takes this novel from hysterical to unforgettable.

Not in the mood for fiction between Ice Luge and Ski Jumps? Check out Boycott by Jerry and Tom Caraccioli for some history on the controversial 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.