New on Scribd: Modern Classics from Open Road Media

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve just added some of Open Road Integrated Media’s most iconic titles to our subscription library. From James Salter’s critically acclaimed tale of young love A Sport and a Pastime to Michael Chabon’s legendary debut The Mysteries of Pittsburg, these books will make you fall in love, break your heart, and everything in between. The Mysteries of Pittsburg

This sensational coming-of-age story is now famously known as the novel that skyrocketed Michael Chabon into literary stardom. Once you read it, you'll be sure to understand why.


The Good Earth

Pearl S. Buck's Pulitzer Prize winning fable is tells a timeless tale of hope and family unity. Set in China during the 1920's, this book will have you questioning everything you believe about luck and hard work.

the good earth

A Sport and a Pastime

With this startling story of human desire and exotic adventure, James Salter redefines the meaning of "Great American Novel." Have a thing for love stories abroad? This book is going to rock your world.

sport and pasttime

The Philosophy of Existentialism: Selected Essays

Whether you have a degree in philosophy or are merely curious about existentialism, this collection is an essential read. Read it start to finish, or explore individual essays by Jean-Paul Sartre on aesthetics, writing, freedom, and more.


Night Has Thousand Eyes

Get ready to have your understanding of suspense-thriller transformed. Considered Cornell Woolrich's most influential novel, this noir story follows one man's personal struggle with the possible existence of clairvoyance and predestination.

night has a thousand eyes

Look for these and over 200 more new titles throughout our curated homepage collections, or check out Open Road’s publisher page. Happy reading!