Read Around the World: International Bestsellers

Here at Scribd, we pride ourselves on having a truly international reach. And we're not just talking about app capabilities (though the app does work around the world) - more than half of our subscribers are international. That means there are people reading on Scribd all around the world! We'd like to give our global audience a shout out as we take you around the world with this collection of international bestsellers. Norway

Eriend Loe takes readers on a journey into the wild with this absurd, yet charming fable. Doppler is the story of a grieving man befriending an elk in the woods is both serious and entertaining, boasting the tagline "an elk is for life...not just for Christmas."


Great Britain

Politics is a hysterical, yet honest exploration of sexual etiquette, love, and jealousy. So what is Adam Thirlwell's breakout novel about? Well, it's about politics of course...and a three-way relationship.



In the Scent of Lemon Leaves, readers will be transported tot he picturesque world of Costa Blanca. Clara Sanchez weaves an unusual and seamless tale about what it means to reconcile your past with your present, and then eventually, move on.

the scent of lemon leaves


The Yacoubian Building has been called controversial, explosive, and most of all, enthralling. And no wonder - Alaa Al Aswany's exploration of love and loss in the modern Arab world is beautiful, yet revealing.


India/The United States

Ok, so Shilpi Somayha Gowda is actually Canadian, but this book is as international as any. The Secret Daughter crosses oceans and cultures in its depiction of two families - one Indian, one American - as they become slowly and magically connected.

secret daughter

Scribd's books reign from all around the globe - these are just a few of our current favorites. Keep reading. There are many more international titles to be read.