Scribd Gets Funny: The Humor Collection

Today is April 1st, and you know what that's April Fools' Day! We thought that this year, we'd save the pranking for our friends and family and make our readers laugh instead. So, here it is: the ultimate Humor collection. Whether you go for memoir, funny guide books, and short and sweets, we bet any book in this collection have you cracking up within the first few pages.

Passive Agressive Notes

Both entertaining and therapeutic, this collection of gripes and groans from the office to the kitchen will have you laughing out loud instantly. 


The Bedwetter

Sarah Silverman is famous for being crude, outspoken, and just plain hilarious. But she wasn't always this way...famous, that is. 


Cyanide and Happiness

The sensational online comics of Cyanide and Happiness are now together for the first time in book form! They're known to be tad offensive but then again, what good jokes aren't?


Little Pink Raincoat

If you're the kind of person that lives for Sex and the City, shopping shenanigans, and romantic sexploits in general, give this collection of chuckle-worthy close-ups a chance. 


If none of these books tickle your funny bone, don't fret - we've got lots more humor headed your way right here. Happy April Fools' Day!