More Reading: Scribd Teams Up With MORE Magazine

We're incredibly excited to announce that Scribd has been featured in the May edition of MORE magazine. Copies hit newsstands on April 22nd, so mark your calendars - there's a surprise waiting inside for all you for bookworms out there. The feature kicks off Scribd summer reading with four new collections curated by the editors of MORE: Biographies and Memoirs, Noteworthy Novels, Classics Worth Revisiting, Food for Thought. Who knows - you could find your new favorite book!

Biographies and Memoirs

Spanning from funny to sentimental, from glamorous to utterly relatable, this collection of bios and memoirs sure is full of character.

DV memoir

Noteworthy Novels

If you're in the mood for a story so engrossing you could practically make a flip-book of the pages, this is the collection for you.

she devil

Classics Worth Revisiting

Whether you remember reading these classics in high school or you remember reading their Cliff's Notes synopses, each of these novels is definitely worth a second (or first) read.

madame bovary

Food for Thought

With all this reading, you're bound to work up a healthy appetite this summer! Thank goodness this collection features More's editor picks for yummy recipes and delightful food narratives.

Food cookbook


Four new collections! This should keep you busy for awhile...

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