Reading Around the World: What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits

Have you ever wondered what your home country says about your reading interests and habits? Well, we've got a few insights - and some of the results might surprise you! Thanks to our growing international community, we now have quite a few fun facts to share with you. So, we've created an international infographic so we could easily share some of our favorite figures: Popular Books By Country; Reading Speed By Country; Most Likely to Finish a Book; and Most Popular Book Genres.

Scribd_Info final

Did you know that Germans are zipping through books faster than anyone else in the world? Or that Canadians are the most likely to read a book until the end?

Some countries’ reading interests are perfectly in line with their national identities: the Brazilians, for example, are keeping their beach bodies by reading about Superfoods. Others are a bit more surprising - like the British, who are  very interested in sushi!

Genre preferences might surprise you as well: readers in Uruguay are getting hot and heavy with Romance titles, whereas in Spain, business books are the thing to read.