Scribd Updates: New Personalized Welcome Flow

Sometimes finding a good book to read - a book you love - is like finding a needle in a haystack. Let alone when you have 300,000 books to choose from. That's where we come in.


In order to create a more personalized reading experience, Scribd readers are now being led through the following process when they first sign up.

First, we'll ask you the basics: what are your reading habits; what devices do you like reading on; and how do you find books? Next, we'll let you select genres you enjoy down to very specific sub genres. For example, if you like reading Romance, you can select from sub-genres, such as Historical, Contemporary, or Paranormal. Finally, we'll show you some examples of books we think you'd like, and let you pick and choose which ones you'd be in to.


Voila! You get a whole page full of book recommendations chosen just for you. And that's only the beginning...

We're dedicated to helping people discover their next read both through careful curation and algorithmic recommendations throughout the Scribd experience. We can't wait to help you find your next favorite book!