Announcing: HarperCollins New Release 'Cycle of Lies' Comes to Subscription

We are proud to announce we've just added our first-ever new release title from HarperCollins to subscription! Now our subscribers can dig into New York Times journalist Juliet Macur's juicy and compelling tell-all about the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong in Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstong. Cyle of Lies

Juliet Macur is an acclaimed sports columnist who scrupulously followed Armstrong through the rise (and fall) of his career. She was granted exclusive and unprecedented access to hours of private recordings by Armstrong's mentor and father-figure, giving her a unique look at Armstrong as a man as well as an athlete. You can read the New York Times review of this page-turner here.

So what do you say, Scribd readers - curious? Start reading the book now and stay tuned for more exciting news about this book and its author!