7 Ways Portia De Rossi’s Book Teaches Us Self-Love

It is difficult not to be inspired by Portia De Rossi’s recollection of the eating disorder which nearly took her life. Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain will take you into the heart of personal struggle and human triumph, reminding us all to love each other and ourselves. Here are 7 ways Portia's book teaches us self-love.

1. Challenge the voice in your head

Portia fought to recognize the “drill sergeant” in her head telling her to lose weight, act straight, and hide her true self from the world.

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2. Question the roles you play

We all get into the roles we play at work, with friends, and in our love lives. Portia describes her battle to understand why we play these roles and the destruction that can result in performing them.

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3. Let go of shame

Carrying shame for who you are or what you look like is destructive. As simple as it seems, it is a basic concept few of us truly grasp. Following the transformation of Portia’s shame to pride is powerful and inspiring.

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4. Embrace healthy change

After fainting on set, Portia was forced to stop ignoring her dwindling health and seek professional help. She describes the inner turmoil, and eventual relief, she felt as she accepted the help she so desperately needed.

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5. Leave the past behind you

It is amazing to see the clarity Portia has when looking at her past behaviors while on the road to recovery. She loosens her grasp on negative thoughts and behaviors, and finally her desire to be abnormally thin.

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6. Live passionately

Portia sought new meaning in her life and rediscovered her passion for riding horses and caring for all living things. She stated her choice to no longer eat animals was paramount to her growth as a spiritual person.

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7. Love yourself

Our favorite moment of Portia's book was when she stated that her two greatest fears in life, being fat and being gay, led to her greatest joy. She realized that in order to find the accepting love she had always desired she had to first accept and love herself.

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