Scribd + Connu: a Literary Match Made In Heaven

ConnuBlog Today, we have an exciting new partnership to announce. We've teamed up with Connu, the literary app & website dreamed up by editorial mavens Susannah Luthi and Niree Noel. The two collaborated on the Southern California Review, and jointly lamented the difficulty in discovering new talent in a world over-saturated with digital content where the idea of the best talent naturally rising to the top seemed to be growing more and more impossible. They created Connu to help hungry readers find fresh, new voices in fiction in a surprisingly old-fashioned way: through trusted recommendations.

Susannah and Niree tell the story best:

"The literary world seemed to be shrinking, at least in terms of opportunities for newbies. Yet, we were seeing more and more brilliant, vibrant, shocking, hilarious, captivating, and entertaining writing then than ever before. And we were hearing more and more people beg us: what could they read that was short but satisfying? And where could they find it?

We found the best emerging writers from all across the country through their established mentors, literary heavyweights like David Sedaris, Joyce Carol Oates, Ron Carlson, Janet Fitch, Lydia Davis, the list goes on. We've curated their work to give you more direct access to the contemporary literary world."

As these recommended stories gained popularity - and garnered press from outlets such as the Washington Post - other writers reached out to Connu asking to publish on their platform. So Connu's catalog has grown to encompass writers as far as Singapore and Uganda.

Now, for the first time ever, Connu is making its stories available to a new audience - Scribd's. Thirty of their most popular stories are now available via Scribd subscription. We'll be featuring a new story every week in Scribd Selects; or, you can browse all thirty of them on Connu's publisher page. These stories are perfect for your commute to work, waiting to board an airplane, your lunch break, or any other time you need a quick read.