6 Reasons the Delirium Pilot Will Leave You Wanting More

delirium On June 20th, a pilot based on Lauren Oliver's bestselling book, Deliriumbegan its month-long run on Hulu. The episode has already captured the hearts of fans young and old, but for us it was just a tease. Here are 6 reasons the Delirium pilot will leave you wanting more.

1. Emma Roberts is awesome

It's not that we weren't expecting her to be awesome -- but perhaps we didn't expect to love Emma Roberts this much as Lena Haloway. Sure, this little starlet might not be exactly what you were envisioning during the first few chapters of Delirium, but that doesn’t mean we don’t buy her performance.

emma roberts


2. Tie-in's from later books, like Julian Fineman

Not only does the pilot introduce Lena’s love interest, Alex (Daren Kagasoff), within the first five minutes—it also brings in the character of Julian Fineman (Gregg Sulkin). Whether you’ve read Pandemonium (and know what’s coming) or not, there’s no denying that Julian is intriguing.


3. New plot twists and characters

As with any book-to-screen adaptation, there were bound to be some changes. What does it matter that the lab gets filled with sheep instead of cows? Most differences are subtle, and, as far as we're concerned, work for the episode.

4. There's could have been more Hana

This is one deviation we're not down with. The character of Hana sparkles and shines a little bit less in the pilot than the book, and seems more like an extra than someone worth her own novella. If the show had gotten beyond the pilot, would we have been able to see more of her? We'll never know.

hana 2

5. The picture of Lena's world is prettier than in the books

The world Lauren Oliver wrote about is much bleaker than that shown in the pilot. Some aspects of the police state – like censorship of love-related art, music, and books—are there, while others, like the rampant poverty and energy crisis, are missing. While purists might find this to be Delirium-lite, we were fine without some of the grit.



6. Teenage sci-fi love stories are addictive

Teenage romances tug our heartstrings like none other, but this story—set in a world where love is deemed an illegal disease—has us going straight-up crazy for love.  If you live for the Hunger Games, Divergent, and all other YA dystopian fiction, we highly recommend watching Rodrigo Garcia’s pilot on Hulu before July 14th.


Want more? With no knowledge of whether this series will get picked up (fingers crossed), you’ll have to get your Delirium fix the way Lauren Oliver intended—through books! You can find them all here on Scribd.