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Any given Sunday, the underdogs may come out on top, records may be broken, and new stars may start to shine out on the gridiron. Quarterbacks—as the leader of the offense, as the center of attention both on and off the field—are usually at the heart of these stories. To celebrate the start of the NFL season and all the exciting and heartbreaking stories it will bring, we’ve collected our favorite books about some of the greatest quarterbacks in the game.  


Coming Back Stronger, by Drew Brees

The inspiring story of the New Orleans Saints’ resilience in the face of devastating circumstances in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Star quarterback Drew Brees—whose career was in jeopardy after a shoulder injury—shows how to take advantage of adversity to stage the ultimate comeback.



Manning: A Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy by Peyton and Archie Manning

Follow the career of quarterback great Archie Manning and the formative years of his Super Bowl-winning sons, Peyton and Eli, in this sweeping examination of football’s place in American society. Written before Peyton became a superstar featured in Mastercard, Nerf, and Gatorade commercials, this memoir focuses on the deeply personal aspects of the Manning’s lives.



Johnny Unitas: America’s Quarterback by Lou Sahadi

In this all-encompassing biography, see how Unitas—who’s still considered one of the greatest and most beloved quarterbacks of all time even four decades after his retirement—changed the quarterback role forever and started the media frenzy that surrounds modern football.



It’s Only a Game by Terry Bradshaw

Everyone recognizes Bradshaw’s charismatic voice during Sunday football broadcasts and knows he led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl wins—but did you know he used to be a pipeline worker or that he raised cattle? Though he’s a hard worker on and off the field, Bradshaw shows he’s not a stick in the mud in this hilarious and lighthearted memoir.


EditorialAshley McDonnell